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Franco Terpin was born in a border land between Friuli and Slovenia and embodies a perfect mix of both cultures.
After a period traveling Europe as truck driver, was finally convinced by his father to come back home, to the family’s hills in Collio.
In spite of his father ideas, Franco decided to avoid totally the use of chemistry in the vineyards, moving on from just three hectares of soil; he is nowadays running a completely natural property of ten hectares surrounded by woods.
The wines are modeled on the winemaker’s strong and, at the same time, very sunny attitude, with unique style. They clearly come from Collio, with their expressive strength and their deepness, typical of a land with a lot of history to tell. They are border wines, with many point in common between two different, cultural environment.
Maceration, indigenous yeasts and the clever use of wood, together with a lot of patience, waiting for a natural aging, are the only secret ingredients.


Friuli Venezia Giulia