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The oldest vine of the Irpinia area is definitely the Greco di Tufo, which yields the related wine, in the old times imported from Greece. The Muto Family works its Greco grapes on five hectares of vineyards, located right above
a part of the ancient sulfur mines in which up to nine hundred people came to work during the 19th century.
Angelo is the third generation engaged between the rows “Cantine dell’Angelo”, operating a low impact agriculture, just like his father and before grandfather’s one, very attentive to the health of the soil, rich in sulfur.
Bunch of grapes are hand-selected one by one and the most, obtained by soft pressing, is naturally fermented at low temperatures. The wine is left to rest in stainless steel containers and bottled just after the natural maturation, without any artificial acceleration, in order to obtain a product of great quality and unique features.