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“Cantina del Barone” born on the sunny hills of Cesinali, a small farming village in the area of Avellino, where the Sarno family has been looking after their own land for over a century.

Since forty years ago the property was owned by a Baron from Napoli, that why it is nowadays called like this. Sarno family after taking care about these lands for sixty years, finally had the possibility to buy them, planting in 1985 the first vineyard of Fiano grape.

Luigi is representing the new generation of winemakers, which is preserving in this area, characterized by volcanic soils, very rich in minerals and with an adequate content of skeleton, thanks to the southern exposure that give to the land a perfect radiance, together with the influence of the mountainous environment.

Fiano finds in these ten hectares its ideal habitat, with respect to who, more than a hundred years ago, devoted himself with passion and dedication to the care of this land.